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Is a phone call away. Don’t delay in getting an appointment on the calendar for education on all your long term care planning options.

Legal Documents…

Should be completed the moment you turn 18. Don’t wait. Your family may have to fight to be able to speak on your behalf.

Veterans Benefits…

Packets and Instructions available to help you understand some of the VA application processes.

We understand…

The ALTCS application process in and out. We can help make financial eligibility a reality.

Educating you is our #1 goal…

We educate you about benefits from ALTCS & Veterans Administration, the Income-Only Trust & other legal documents that help you protect YOU.


A one-stop resource for long term care planning. Let our umbrella of guidance shelter you from the long term care cost storm. Sheltering customers since 2001.

ALTCS Benefits

Want to know the eligibility requirements for ALTCS? Unsure whether you qualify? Want to know if you need assistance or you can complete the application on your own?

Income-Only Trust (aka Miller Trust)

Are you applying for ALTCS? Are you already on ALTCS? Are you over the ALTCS income limit? Need the solution?

Legal Documents

Are you over 18? Are you unsure whether you should complete your legal documents? Will your family follow your wishes, if you can't speak for yourself?


Unsure where to begin? Need assistance understanding your loved one's options? Need someone to help you understand the pros and cons of all your long term care options?

Thank you for visiting our (Montgomery & Associates, Inc. DBA: web site. ALTCS has been providing quality long term care planning services in the State of Arizona since 2001. You can reach us at 480.464.4968.
We are a private consulting firm focused on long term care education, assistance and planning.


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